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Manaus – World Cup Host City

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Manaus is the perfect combination of city and nature, the gateway to unique experiences. The day-by-day one of the largest cities in the country that grows at a rate three times higher than the average of brazilian cities, the visitor will be amazed by many options of culture, leisure and entertainment. The capital of the Amazonas state, one of the largest industrial centers of Brazil, is formed by a great mix of people of different backgrounds, which is mirrored in its architecture, in its way of socializing and consuming goods and services. Hence, there are many urban areas, full of restored stately historic buildings, home theaters, museums, galleries and living spaces that are reference to the population.

Manaus is located in the Central Amazonas Region, on the left bank of Rio Negro. Is the largest city in northern Brazil. Several islands, archipelagos and ecological areas are found near the city, with emphasis on the Anavilhanas archipelago, situated on the border with municipality of Novo Airão, and the Meeting, of the Waters, a famous postcard of the city. Capital of Brazilian state that has the largest portion of rainforest land on the planet. With high conservation, Manaus is also hs the privileged of the Amazon basin, which has the Amazonas state the largest concentration of freshwater on the planet. With a unique natural setting, and a rich urban conformation, offers a product mix of city and nature different profiles able to enchant tourists.


Northern Brazil, the left bank of Rio Negro, Total area: 11,401.077 km²; Population: 1,802,014 inhabitants (IBGE/2010); Population density (inhabitants/km²): 158.06; Area code: 92; Local time: 1 hour unless Brasília and 4 hours behind Greenwich; Climate hot and humid, average temperature of 27°C and absolut maximum of 38°C; Regime of rivers: the ebb and flow regime of rivers varies every six months, with peak levels between May and July, and minimum between October and December;


Manauara Shopping – Av. Mario Ypiranga

Amazonas Shopping – Av. Djalma Batista

Millennium Shopping – Av. Djalma Batista

Manaus Plaza Shopping – Av. Djalma Batista

Studio 5 Festival Mall – Av. Rodrigo Otavio


Largo de São Sebastião (Square)

Teatro Amazonas (Opera House), Centro Cultural Palácio da Justiça, Igreja de São Sebastião (Church), Centro Cultural Casa de Eduardo Ribeiro.

Palacete Provincial and Praça da Polícia (Square)

Museu de Numismatica (Museum), Museu da Imagem e do Som (Museum), Pinacoteca do Estado (Museum), Museu de Arquelogia (Museum), Museu Tiradentes (Museum of the Military Police).

Mercado Municipal Adolpho Lisboa (Main Market)

Conjunto Paço da Liberdade

Paço da Liberdade, Praça D. Pedro II (Square)

Porto de Manaus (Pier)

Prédio da Alfândega (Custom House), Praça da Matriz e Igreja da Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Square and Church)

Conjunto Palácio Rio Negro

Palácio Rio Negro(Rio Negro Palace), Parque Jefferson Pérez(Park)

Ponta Negra Complex

Praça da Saudade (Square)

Museum of Natural Sciences of Amazônia

Zoo (Zoo Army)

Bosque da Ciência (Forest Science)

Parque do Mindu (Park)

Parque Ponte dos Bilhares (Park)

Adolpho Ducke`s Botanical Garden

Teatro Amazonas (Opera House)
Teatro Amazonas (Opera House)


Avoid risky behavior: Going around town ostensibly with apparent valuables(jewelry, large cameras and the like) may pose a risk to your safety. Before you go somewhere, find information about it, the best times and days of visitation. For authorised exchange bureaus or banks, ask preferably in Tourist Service Centers, shops and the police. Use taxis only official points; When you hire guides and travel agencies, make sure they are registered in the Official Tourism Company – AMAZONASTUR through the website: www.visitamazonas.am.gov.br; In case of theft, looks for the Tourist Service Center and/or the Tourist Police Station nearest to record the occurrence.


POLÍCIA TURÍSTICA (Tourist Police Station)

Eduardo Gomes International Airport, hours: Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. +55.92.3652-1656

Tourist Service Center/AMAZONASTUR (Av. Eduardo Ribeiro, Center – close to Opera House) +55.92.3233-0739/190. Hours: Monday to Friday from 8am to 17pm


Azul: +55.92.3652-1827

Copa Airlines: +55.92.3652-1570

Gol: +55.92.3652-1634

TAM: +55.92.3652-1174

Trip Airline: +55.92.3652-1333


Eduardo Gomes International Airport: +55.92.3652-1210

Bus Station: +55.92.3632-2568

Port of Manaus: +55.92.3233-7061

Brazilian Post and Telegraph: 0800-725-0100

Emergency 28 de Agosto Hospital: +55.92.3656-2417

Emergency Children`s Hospital: +55.92.3611-1917

Foundation Institute of Tropical Medicine: +55.92.2127-3555

SAMU: 192 (Ambulance Service)

Federal Police: +55.92.3655-1515

Police General: +55.92.3214-2241

Military Police: 190

Police Department: 174

Military Fire: 193

Tourist Police: +55.92.3233-0739

PROCON: 0800-921-512

IRS: +55.92.2125-5532

Captaincy of the Amazon River West: +55.92.3621-1800

IBAMA: +55.92.3613-2277

SUFRAMA: Superintendence of the Manaus Free Zone: +55.92.3321-7000

ABIH – Brazilian Hotel Industry Association: +55.92.3642-0473

AMAZONASTUR- Amazonas State Tourism Board; +55.92.2123-3800 www.visitamazonas.am.gov.br

Manaustur – Official Tourism Authority of Manaus: +55.92.3215-6362

SEC – Secretaria de Estado e Cultura (Secretary of State for Culture): +55.92.3633-2850 www.culturamazonas.am.gov.br

State Government of Amazonas: www.amazonas.am.gov.br


Text reviewed by Donna Bowater

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