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Rio Negro Palace Cultural Center

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Built at the outse of the XX century, in an ecletic style, to be the private residence of the German Waldemar Scholz, a rubber baron, it was purchased by the government in 1918 to become the seat for the Executive and the residence of the governor, remaining as the palace for dispatches up to April 1995.

In 1997, the State Government turned it  into the Rio Negro Palace Cultural Center owing to its architectural beauty and historical value with open spaces for popular and classical music recitals, exhibition, launching of books, theatrical shows and other cultural activies. Following an expert consulting  from technicians from the  Bank of Brazil – CCBB, the State Secretariat for Culture designed the new format for the Rio Negro Palace, air conditioned  and suítable for all kinds of exhibits.

Among the various exhibits, which have taken place at the Rio Negro palace Cultural Center, we highlight the “memórias da Amazônia” international exhibit – featuring the ethnographic collection of Alexandre Rodrigues Ferreira, receiving in excess of 50 thousand visitors; the Salão Plástica Amazônica; Brennand – Exhibit and Drawings by Francisco Brenand; Opera: art and history; the George Huebner Exhibit of humor, comic strips and animation: Long live the Brazilian Cinema and Sharaku Revisited by Japanese Contemporary Artists.

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Friday from 10 pm to 04 pm
Sundays from 05 pm to 08 pm


Av. Sete de Setembro – Centro
69.005-141  Manaus-amazonas-Brasil

Palacio Rio Negro
Palacio Rio Negro
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