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The Provincial Manor House

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The Provincial Manor House, know as the Military Police headquarters has recovered its original denomination and as of the completion of its remodeling on March 25, 1874, the Provincial Manor House has been hosting several public instituitions: the Provincial Lyceum – now the Colégio Amazonenese D. Pedro II. The building was officially inaugurated on February 28, 1875, praticilly one year after the work had been completed.

The building considered as real estate was protected as a cultural heritage jointly with the Heliodoro Balbi Square and Colégio Amazonenese D. Pedro II, and it is, today, under the special protection of the Permanent Committee for the Defense of the Historic and Artistic Heritage since 1980.


Tuesday to Wednesday 9h a.m. to 5h p.m.
Thusday to Saturday 9h a.m. to 7h p.m.
Sunday 4h p.m. to 7h p.m.


Praça Heliodoro Balbi, S/N
69073-000 Manaus-Amazonas-Brasil
Phone.: (92) 3631-6047

Palacete provincial
Palacete provincial
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